November 13, 2010

Spirit of Tempest Heights

I went to the Spirit of Tempest Heights twice-daily event with some crazy folks from EE. I haven't been there in a while but figured it would be a nice way to build up my stock of megaphones and such.

Stop staring at my butt.

We blasted our way through many of the levels of mobs quite quickly and soon found ourselves lag-mired in chests. I twas taking me forever just to click one chest to open it, and that was only if some roaming mob didn't decide I smelled tasty. I was getting quite frustrated and had decided to leave when I moved my camera angle up to take a look around.

Wow! I hadn't realized that we had gone past the Turtle level! I had never seen these Relic Guard guys before...and certainly never laid wary eyes on that big metal booger in the middle.

That's when I turned my attention to the party chat. I guess while I had been snoring in lag just trying to click things, they had been trying to kill one of these nasties. With no success. The mob was dodging DoTs!! Huh. The only other time I've seen that was when I was playing a low level toon in siege and a Face of Treachery was dodging my arrows! Not sure how a plant can dodge but...
Anyway, took this screenshot real quick and then booted my drafty buttcheeks outta there.  :)

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  1. I did those final ones a few times, nothing can hit them expect for Item set skills, and Warden Briar shield. Things like the priest frost scars from the junk codex item set will hit, or any "real" set skill attack.