February 8, 2010

Fancy Pants

Woke up early this morning and logged on with Spiral for a bit before work.
I finished one more of the Rose Growing Contest for the Flower (Valentine’s) Event. I was very lucky and got Eve’s top so now I have two pieces of that set, hat and shirt. It’s also nice that they give you aggregators with your prize so you don’t have to spend money to actually wear the clothes.

After that, I decided that I would upgrade a level 54 shirt I had hangin around in my backpack and replace my beloved Fairy Robe. I figure that Spiral will probably be level 54 until the Aotulia Volcano freezes over so I might as well equip her like one.
The shirt is called Bablis’ Jacket and it’s kinda nice looking. I think it’s a bit weird to have a mage not wearing a robe, but I guess I’ll just be the leader in avant-garde Taborean fashion.
So the top picture is the new jacket. Below that are the stats so far. I tiered to 4 only cuz I can't be bothered to spend more money and charges making it Tier 5. I will be adding at least three runes to it, probably Mind IV, Strike IV and Guts IV.

So it’s a cute jacket from the front but that’s not what I get to see as I play. I get to see the bottom picture, and by bottom, I mean butt! Spiral is much more daring than I am to prance around wearing those underwear! And what if she needs to sit down and rest? She’s gonna get splinters or thorns or a newt in her butt, I swear. Not very practical, this outfit.

I wonder why I have such a preoccupation with reality? I seem to accept with perfect calmness that I can chuck fireballs at zombies, but I worry about the practicality of wearing short-shorts in the forest. I suppose that I've accepted the fact that magic exists in this game but that doesn't mean that all the rules of nature should no longer apply. I shouldn't complain though cuz otherwise the developers in all their infinite wisdom (ha!) will start nerfing skimpy outfits. Gosh, what I am saying? This game is written by men! Maybe they will program in a stat bonus for the amount of bare flesh you expose...females only, of course.  ;)

P.S. all the pink hearts floating around are from the Flower Festival buff you get for growing roses.

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