November 9, 2010

I'm Attached to My Pets

 Ok, does anyone else have a strange attachment to their pets? Maybe it's just cuz I'm an overly-sensitive girly-girl, or maybe it's just cuz I love animals, but I am seriously attached to my pets in RoM. :)

Take this little guy for example. His name is Peanutbutter. Look how shy he is, hiding behind Vix! Adorable. Don't you just wanna pick him up and hug his soft fur? Snuggle his tubby little body and let him lick your face? So cah-yoot!

And even more adorable is how fast he runs trying to keep up with Vixyn's horse. Check out the video over there on the right hand side (updated Nov 7) or click through to my YouTube Channel if that vid has changed.

And here is Sisteragatha and her pet, Satan. Now tell me that isn't a match made in Heaven! (har har) Sister has to have a ferocious, snarly, suspicious pet to keep her safe on the road as she travels the world seeking to do good. No one messes with Sis and Satan.

Although I do love my pets, I actually don't use them very often. They just cost too damn much. The price of feeding them is a bit ridiculous and I can't be bothered to go do the quests at Miller's Ranch to get the food. Too many other things to do with my time. I suppose the stat bonuses could be worth it if you leveled your pet enough but it just hasn't been something that I've focused on.
And besides that, most groups get pissy if you bring out your pet in an instance cuz of lag.
Pets were a great idea, but not being used to their full effect in the game, I believe. Only by those who have great computers and great loads of gold to level them up. That wouldn't be me!  :)

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  1. I've barely raised one of my pets, but already I get a passive buff that gives me an extra 2k health just for having my pet summoned. Nice bit of HP to have added when questing.