October 29, 2010

World Boss: Amboriar

Goofing around on Spiral and feeling kinda cocky, I decided to go check out the new world boss, Amboriar. (What an effed up name, I have to say. I would have just called him Big Metal Gadget.)

So I trotted confidently into the instance, which is located in the far back of the Tomb in Southern Janost Forest, and glanced around, fireballs at the ready. "Well," I thought, "These aren't even elites!" They were just plain ol' level 60s. I took aim and fired and a few of them popped into nothingness.

Striding even more boldly into the fray, I very quickly realized that squishy little mages have no business walking around thinking they're hot stuff, other than the fact that their hands are on fire most of the time, cuz I got one-shotted by a level 60 elite without it even breaking a sweat...or spilling oil...or whatever it is robots do when exerting themselves. I think I was thrown off by the fact that he was a PINK robot. Perhaps pink is the new color of destruction?? (If so, little girls everywhere deserve to be feared!)

At any rate, I was smart enough to rez out and get my rogue side on, boo-yeah, and I traipsed back in again. Snuck around and took some screenshots and stared suspiciously at things like the Ancient Magnork Instruments and High Density Energy Crystals. All the mobs seemed to be named things like No. 43 Punisher and No. 16 Punisher. Robots have no imagination.

Of course, I pondered the big boss, Amboriar, for quite a long time, watching him drifting up and down in the sky. Kinda looked like something you'd buy from The Shopping Network.
"Only available through this special offer! Slices, dices, folds your laundry and calls your mother-in-law! Comes with its own handy faux leather carrying case. Act now and receive these great bonus gifts! All yours for only $2,999.99! Call NOW!"

Figured I had wasted enough time looking at something I could never kill, and turned around to head out. Except, um, which way is out?? I was lost! Too funny!
I started giggling as I crept through masses of evil robots. I had been so absorbed in taking screenshots for the blog that I got turned around. Relying on my Great Canadian Lost-in-the-Bush training, I picked an edge and kept circling until I found a portal. It wasn't the same one I came in on, but I didn't care. It took me out to the Tomb Researchers camp where I breathed a sigh of relief. Another successful exploration complete!

P.S. Couldn't find a video of anyone taking this guy down, but did find this video of someone exploring the zone just like me...only he was nuts enough to engage in combat.

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