December 20, 2010

Taborea Meets Real Life

This past weekend, I did something that I didn't think I would ever do. I met a ROM player, my long-time friend and ex-guildie, Heka, in Real Life. Gasp! Yes, a face-2-face!
Of course, I blame it all on Heka and his charming stalker-ish ways. He had asked me to visit on another occasion and I was too chicken. And then this time, I said no again, but he refused to take that as an answer. It was just too darn convenient that I was visiting my parents for Xmas who just happened to live less than an hour away from him, and he just happened to be celebrating his birthday.

So I swallowed all my nervousness and showed up at an almost-complete-stranger's house. The ice was broken by a pair of adorable wiggling puppies, which immediately made me feel more at ease. Then Heka  was there and I heard his voice and it was so...normal. It was easy. He was just Heka, my good friend, and the only difference was that I was looking at a tall man with brown hair rather than a short jumpy little priest.  :)

So I had a wonderful time and conquered my shyness and made some new friends as well (hello Tammy and Heka's Mom and Salmon and Seb!)
I have to warn you that meeting players f2f doesn't always work out so well, so I'm told. But I am a very lucky girl who happens to have found many wonderful people online. I trusted Heka, I've been playing with him for many months, and even though he googled my parent's phone number to call me (stalker!!), I still felt that he had only good intentions. And it turned out, he was just as nervous as I was!  It all worked out well, and it's opened my mind to the possibility of perhaps, maybe, meeting other players in RL.
Stay tuned...

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