December 4, 2010

Crazy Night

Tonight was a very strange night. We were all giggly and goofy and perverted and other wonderful things.

Siege was laggier than a grandma crossing the street but we triumphed anyway and even had a few laughs.
Medi and I duo'd KS on our secondary sides just for kicks, although we did sneak past Goddess.
Everything said in Vent was dirty, except once, ONCE, Streaker said a whole sentence that we couldn't find anything sexual about.
Yaser discovered paging in Vent and tormented poor Pixie until she was ready to strangle him, all the while he was acting completely innocent.
I died at least ten times in WA cuz I'm really good at being lame. And then Medi died because felt he needed to teabag me in the middle of the fight!
Seriously spent most of the night LOL-ing.  :)

I see frogs. Red frogs. Dude, I am trippin'.

To top things off, trippy things were appearing in random places. Take these frogs for example. WTF? Is it some sort of amphibian cult meeting, the Secret Order of Scarlet Webfoots? Or are they waiting for the Froggy Apocalypse? Or maybe contemplating the mysteries of the universe like slimy little Buddhists? 

I know, I know. It's an event. But it really was surreal to see them all crouched there, silently staring. I really wanted to use a Princely Look potion to transform and join them!  :)

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