December 3, 2010

Dual Class Musings

Recently two of my guildies rerolled their level 60 secondary sides to Knight just to take advantage of the Knight's awesome PDef and Stam bonuses. They have no intention of ever playing their Knight sides.
It's funny that this was a new idea to me, as in reality I don't play my rogue side at all now, but never considered choosing a secondary based on passive bonuses. I suppose I do enjoy the dual class elites on my mage side, but when I chose rogue it was with the intention of playing it at least occasionally.

I have been gearing up my rogue side for a few weeks now, piece by piece, in order to be able to play it. But now this new revelation makes me wonder if I've wasted my money. My thought was that by gearing both sides, I could easily switch between a melee DPS and a ranged DPS without having to level a new toon to 60. I figured it would make me more valuable as a group player when different DPS was needed, i.e. if there were too many mages in a party.
But considering the overabundance of DPS in general, I have been pondering making a priest or a tank in order to be eve MORE useful to anyone and everyone. Seems as if all parties depend on the availability of one or the other. Everyone else is optional and easily replaceable.

This idea has been kicking around in my head for a while and I have hesitated because it raises the question: Do you play what you love or what is needed?
Or on a more personal level: Would I be irritated as a priest or tank to be expected to run instances all the time? Or would it be a relief to not have to beg to get in a group?

With my abundance of alts already created, leveling a healer or tank to 60 would not take much time at all, perhaps a couple weeks, less if Froggie gives us a double XP weekend (hint hint). But I have not yet taken the plunge as the above questions are still rattling around my empty skull, waiting to be answered.
And what would happen then to my identity as Spiral? She is ME, my first toon and my favorite. Could I really become Sister Agatha or Mousekin or any one of my alternate personalities on a regular basis?

The skull-rattling continues...


  1. Awenspiration/DerrinDecember 3, 2010 at 12:57 PM

    Osha needs TANKS (i.e knights, not those crazy mage-tanks lol) and secondly behind that priest or druid healers. Check the guild recruitment messages: everyone's looking for tanks and healers and they instantly get party groups :)

  2. Interesting questions you have there.

    1) I play a Priest/Knight as the main healer in the guild and the group, and only a healer. Healing is the only thing I really have a passion for, and I enjoy running hard instances and learning new techniques as I go. Having a Knight secondary gives me LOADS more survivability for sure: I have more physical defense as a clothie than nearly all of the same-level dps in the guild.

    2) As for being irritated: it only gets irritating when you get overworked. I find that there's only so many instances I can do in a row before I start to feel drained. I suppose there are many different styles of healing, but I like to do more than spam Group Heal. I watch the whole group to make sure they don't run into any stay mobs/pats, mark mobs, watch mobs to call out silences/stuns, and generally try to help my tank direct as much as possible. It's also useful to learn how to time heals in accordance to what the mobs are casting, so a bit of memorization for what mobs do what attacks helps a bunch :]

    In my opinion, I suggest playing what you love to play: just as rolling as heals/tank is not for everyone, rolling dps isn't for everyone either. And in my experience, I've seen many players reroll as healers in order to useful but end up not having what it takes to actually -be- one.

  3. Also, my personal philosophy is that if you learn to play what you love, then you will be even better and more valuable than those who only play to be useful. It's about having heart, imo :]

  4. Flan, thanks for your thoughtful comments. I agree that any class can get irritating if you're overworked. That's a very astute observation.
    And it sounds to me like you're an amazing healer! I'd like to think that I do as well as a Mage DPS. A lot of mages spam flame and forget that some secondary skills can be very useful, such as my M/R elites Demoralize and Weakness. Some fights are just burning him down, but others require more finesse.

    And yes, my mage/rogue is what I love. I have tried tanking (read my posts on when I used Medi's toon!) and it's not really my thing. Healing I have never really tried and I think it might appeal to me just cuz it can be difficult to do well. I like a challenge!

    Derrin, yeah, Osha is in desperate need of tanks! Our guild only has oen regular tank and a couple who play every now and then. My old guild uses a scout/rogue as a tank cuz they don't have a high level knight.

    Keep up the great comments, guys. I love hearing your opinions. :)