December 6, 2010

Really Freaking Awesome Websites

I am in total awe of the Official Runes of Magic Database. It shows pretty much everything there is in the game, including Item Sets, Skills, Recipes, Quests, and tons of other stuff. It's not quite complete, and don't pay any attention to the announcements cuz they're for EU, but it's still the first site I go to for information. Other cool features on this website are a recipe mats calculator, 3D views of armour so you can see the style, and item comparisons so you can tell if something is worth it.

My second fave go-to site is The Rom Wiki. Yes, it's user generated content, but I find it quite reliable and helpful. They have a Transmutation Chart that shows which runes can be made in the game, and also a Black Codex chart that lists the momento shop items. Also a great place to remind yourself of what elite skills mats you need.
Tie me up and call me n00b but I didn't know that stats had different effects when applied to different classes. Check out this Rom Wiki chart to see Attributes Effect Per Class.

When RoM is down, I use MMO Server Status to check instead of obsessively trying to log into the game. Ok, I lied just then. I still obsessively try to log in, just in case.  :)

Now it's time to toot my own horn (wink wink nudge nudge say no mo'). I have two websites that I've made that you might find helpful if you haven't been there yet: a Guide to the Arcane Transmutor and a Guild Siege Guide. These can be helpful to pass on to confused newbies and guildies to spare yourself the hassle of explaining everything in chat. 

If any readers have other useful websites, please feel free to post them in comments so that we can share our knowledge.


  1. I enjoy reading Jeremy Stratton's weekly column over at Massively:

  2. 1) Siege War Top 50
    I use this site to keep track of guild siege war stats, and to get a preemptive look at our opponents for the night.

    2) Guide to Instances and Worldbosses
    Need I say more? ;] A pretty good page to find out information, though it's slightly outdated and incomplete in a few areas. Otherwise, it's come in handy!

    3) Comprehensive Guild Siege Title Guide
    Shows a bit of the titles you can get with the Badges of Trial won in Siege. It's a handy tree to have in the beginning, so you know which branch to go down.

  3. Oh, this is probably a good page too:

    GM Tenmei Forum Post

    A chance to express our frustrations about the game to a GM. Who knows if they'll actually do anything about it, but it might help to get the word out there even more about the headaches about lag and Siege.