December 9, 2010

Ygather Addon from Curse

ygather menu
I am a level 60 gatherer in wood & herbs, and was feeling a bit frustrated with gathering my fave mats so I decided to rely on the kindess and intelligence of strangers and installed the ygather addon from Curse. Wow, I wish I had done that AGES ago!! It is so extremely helpful.

The addon maps out the location of resources as you pass them, so you need to gallop around the map to mark the locations, but once you've done that you're all set.
The pic on the right here is the menu, which can be found by pressing the Resources button on the top left of your World Map. You can see that I've checked off  Hide Ore because I can't gather that.
The addon automatically checks off the resources types you've found in your current zone, so that is Pine, Foloin, Dusk Orchid and Barsa (so far).
I've also gone into the Highlight on Minimap submenu and checked off the three items I am currently looking for. What this does is makes a blinking white circle show up surrounding that mat icon on your minimap as you tour around the zone. You  can see this in the close-up pic on the left here. That is very helpful as previously I had been mousing over the icons as I ran around to check to see if it was the one I needed. This is especially useful when looking for rare mats, like Foloin Nuts. Love this feature!
This last screenshot shows a portion of the World Map after exploring a bit of the zone. The little dots are herbs (green) and wood (brown). You can mouse over them and it shows the name and level of the mat. These little dots will also show up on your minimap if there should be a mat there but it has already been gathered and not respawned yet.
I haven't experimented with many of the features yet but so far in just a half hour of using it I am very pleased. I don't gather all that often, usually for friends or when I'm too poor to buy the items myself, but for someone who is a 'professional' gatherer, I would highly recommend this addon.

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