December 14, 2010

GM Love!!

Woot! GM Asteriea came online today to give out some GM love and happiness to the huddled masses. A huge crowd gathered around her on Varanas Bridge and paid her tribute. She handed out wonderful foods and stuffs, like Hot Stew and Egg Rice Dumplings. Yummy!

I like it when the GMs come online and give out gifts. It promotes happiness and excessive jumping! Of course, I imagine they get their share of annoying whispers about "such-and-such is broken" but that's not really what they're there for, so I keep quiet. Support tickets FTW. Don't annoy the GMs when they're on cuz I want more Little Magic Biscuits!

And wow, I have to say she is beautiful. I wouldn't spend diamonds on that costume cuz you'd only wear it for a short while, but it is truly impressive. Or perhaps it's just that she's 90 feet tall??  I gladly pay tribute to her.  :)

If I was a GM, I'd go all out with the gifts and contests and free stuff. I'd have Twitter give-aways, Facebook contests, all sorts of things. I'd give away as much as they possibly would allow me. There are so many things in the game that can get you down, but a simple gift from a GM kinda perks you up!


  1. Hmm...I'd get my wife that

    Did I just say that out loud? /blush

  2. lol Hicks - she might like that LOL <3