December 16, 2010

You Light Up My Life

This is what I see when I go into HOS with all the damn-scouts in my guild.
That is the infamous Scatterstar Storm, the scout item set skill from Unicorn's pieces.
It lags me so bad, I freeze up completely, but I'm not complaining cuz the nice thing about it is that when the smoke clears, everything is dead. Can't beat that.

Now with the most recent patch, (the one that is taking the servers offline this morning and allowing me to blog some more for you lucky readers!) there is an in-game option on the System--Audio/Visual menu that allows you to turn off the spell effects of other players. Look for the checkbox on the bottom right corner. And yes, it does work. I tested it last night against my favorite damn-scout, Medi. It was kinda funny actually cuz all I could see was him waving his arms about and then mobs running at him for no apparent reason. In my mind I imagine they are all yelling, "Damn Scout" as well.  :)

For now I'm actually going to leave my spell effects on. I think I'm visually trained to look for them in order to know if I'm getting buffed, healed or fried over-easy. Of course, the next time I'm fighting Vrantal in HOS and seeing nothing but bright lights, I'm certainly going to flick that switch. Might actually be able to do something in that fight besides stare at the floor and spam 1.