September 11, 2010

HEKA, My Lover!

I have a confession to make: I have a lover!
My lover is the shortest, jumpiest, uber-est priest I have ever known. His heals make my heart go pitty-patty. I blush whenever he buffs me, especially when we're in a group. When I see him wearing that adorable purple robe, I get all weak in the knees. And don't even ask me about the picture of him on his car...oh my!
So Heka, you sexy thing, this post is for you. Thank you for being so helpful, funny and all-around awesome. I am honoured to be your lover, your guildie and your friend!
CANADIANS RULE. (but politely)


  1. Looks like your lover is overcompensating for something;)

  2. Boys think it's important to have a big "sword". Girls know it's not the size of your weapon, but how you swing it. ;)