December 11, 2010

Rogue is Ready

Been ever-so-slowly gearing up Spiral's rogue side and today she is finally finished! Well, I only say "finished" because I have all the main gear I wanted to get and she looks good. Some of the pieces are only half-statted or poorly statted and will need to be redone. And haven't finished the accessory set, but you can't see that in a screenshot so *shrug*. 

Anyhoo, here is The Purple Death herself all dressed up and ready to stab.

Giant Fist helmet
Atrocity jacket, boots, shoulders
Strange Bug legs
Fearless belt and gloves
Savage Precision cape
2 Nemesis blades, main hand is T8

I will be replacing the helmet with a Strange Bug helmet if I can ever find one. They drop from Origin somehwere and are near impossible to find. But I would really like the +240 physical critical hit rate I would get from that paired with the legs.

I'm immensely pleased and significantly richer because most of the Atrocity gear is already a perfect shade of purple and I didn't have to color any of it. The only thing I did was aggregate the Stange Bug pants onto nicer ones, and aggregate both daggers onto more interesting blade skins, Assassin's Blades that drop from Bodos.

Now all I need to do is learn how to play her. Oh, and how to not cringe when fighting so up close and personal with everyone. Two for flinching!!

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