October 22, 2010

The Pumpkin Festival

The lovely Belle Rossly says, "Are you enjoying the Pumpkin Festival? This is my favorite holiday of all -- you get to dress up like a monster, and the whole town feels all cool and creepy!" I couldn't agree with you more, Belle! I just love Hallowe'en!

Outside Dalanis, I found Belle and took the quest she offered, Pumpkin Pranksters. The Spooky Pumpkins appear every half hour in the city and you have to catch them. The first time they showed up, I only got two cuz other players were grabbing them. It actually seemed as if there were only five in total, and you need five to complete the quest, so that's a little difficult when everyone is taking them. But I will eventually complete this just to see what the prizes are.  :)

As far as I can tell, there is only one other new quest that wasn't here last year. It's one offered by a big dude with a pumpkin head name (quite appropriately if not originally) Pumpkinhead. Right now, all he'll tell me is that his event starts on the hour every two hours, so I guess I've have to wait to find out what it is.

The other events are the same one I played obsessively last year: Monster Parade at Varanas Bridge, and the very frustrating Kaz Madness at Oblivion Shrine. There is also collecting sugar canes to hand in at Varanas Central for titles, and getting candy from the Highlander family in Varanas East to give to Little Annie to get potions and stuff. (Whew complicated chain of events!)

My favorite prizes during the Pumpkin Festival are always the great costumes. I actually played so much last year that still have some wicked sweet outfits from last year...pumpkin heads and frankenstien heads and cool boots, robes and masks. I also saw someone riding a pumpkin/witch broom, which would be a very cool prize to get.

If all else fails, they are selling some very interesting costumes in the Item Shop for the week. I like how they look as is...but also am plotting how I could color them and mix-match them to make an even more awesome outfit! Unfortunately, poor Spiral is poor as dirt right now and won't be buying anything. I'll just have to plug away at these events to get the prizes I want.

I really love how all the cities are "dressed up" for Halloween with pumpkins, ghosts, witches and candy scattered everywhere. It really sets the mood and makes it exciting to be in Taborea. The events are the same thing...I won't lie, it can get kinda boring in RoM at level 60. But having events to do keeps me interested in logging in.

Spiral Dressed as Mr. Pumpkinhead

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  1. Just happened to stumble upon your blog while looking for siege information :] I can't imagine just getting 2 pumpkins at the Pumpkin Pranksters event in Dalanis - then again, the Grimdal server is probably quite a bit smaller than Osha! :] (It's pretty empty in Dalanis)