October 5, 2010

Silliest Crafting Project Ever

Ok, I must be the silliest person who plays this game. I get obsessed with some dumb little thing and I'm never satisfied until I accomplish it.

Take this monstrosity pictured here --->

WTF is that, you ask?
It is my crafting project!
Does't it kinda look like something I made out of cereal boxes, twist ties, glitter and delicious paste?
I freaking love it!

You see, I got this purple tailoring recipe, Blackhorn Back Ornament, and because it was so unique I got it into my empty head to craft one. Ever since then I have been obsessively farming Blackhorn Dorglas in Paspers to try to get the darn goat to drop her Damaged Fan. Silly stubborn farm animal just never dropped it! I must have killed her a hundred times or more over the past weeks.

So the other day, having eaten a half a bottle of Flintstone vitamins and therefore perhaps thinking more clearly than I have in a while, I decided to check the AH. Lo and behold, there was a Damaged Fan for only 200k.
Feeling triumphant and retarded at the same time, (a tough thing to do), I bought the thing and then proceeded to gather all the insane mats I needed to finish the recipe, and then finanly crafted the item.
And wow does it ever look...interesting. But I'm darn proud of it!
And I will NEVER craft another again. :)

The best part of this whole story is that it is actually a piece of guild castle furniture. So I get to share my amazing creation with all my lucky guildies. You're welcome!

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