October 28, 2010

Alts Everywhere!

So this post will continue with my current theme of sowing my wild oats, spreading the seeds of love, playing the field, finding more fish in the sea, taste-testing many ice creams...okay, I made that last one up!
I've been playing through all my numerous alts to find one that I might enjoy leveling up as much as I have enjoyed Spiral. Now you may remember that I have something like 15 alts, so this process has taken a few days now.
I'm actually quite an organized person when it comes to my alts. I have a grid chart with the X and Y axes showing each of the 8 classes in RoM and then each grid square showing the name of the character. So I can easily see which class combos I've never done, just in case I want to try something new. The only classes I haven't tried are P/K, R/S, M/Wr and M/Wd. Everything else I've played at least to level 10 just to try them out.
So after all that testing, I've discovered that the character I like to play the most after Spiral is....drum roll please...this saucy red-haired Mage/Scout!
Her name is Vixyn. She's level 30/30 which I think I must have accomplished way back when they had glorious double XP weekends. (Those were the days...)
Vixyn is a member of the guild Redrum. She joined up with them way back when they were small and openly recruiting for members to help in siege. I have sieged with them on occasion and enjoyed it very much. Can't say much else about the guild since I haven't interacted with them much other than that, but we'll see how it works out as I play more on Vix.

Pondering why I would choose Vix as my new "main", I guess it must be my love of ranged attacks. I guess I'm just a chicken-heart! I love to keep my distance from the smelly, evil mobs and just fire away until they are safely face down on the floor. All that in-yo-face fighting that melee and tanks do is too...I dunno...visceral. Although I did realize the other day that I was so scared of tanking cuz I still had a squishy mage mindset that if I got hit I would die rather quickly. As a tank, playing on Medi's toon, I soon realized that I was darn freaking TOUGH and I could take some hits and that's when it became more fun.

But the other thing about my love of mages is that I don't have to be the leader in a party. That's not to say that I can't lead, but I just find it less stressful if I can just follow and play and have fun and not have to worry about the party. I guess I'm not much of a team player. Well, anyone who knows me in real life would say, "DUH! You're just figuring that out now??"  :)

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