October 9, 2010

Animal Planet: Taborea

Medi and I were hanging out late last night and decided to explore around the Rh'anka Village in NJF. We jumped up to the top of a mud building and found a perfect little penthouse with a perfect little door and perfect little leaf roof. So cute! Couldn't find a for sale sign though so I guess I won't be moving in any time soon.  :)

Watching the little Rh'ankas below made me wonder: they're armadillos, aren't they? Or are they aardvarks? Perhaps a mix? Not quite sure.

But it's like that with a lot of the cool creatures in this game, which as a zoologist I find very fascinating. They look so similar to animals from real life, but just a smidge different.
Like those hippos near Kandor that have frogs on their heads. Or the flying ferrets of Ystra, which the game actually makes fun of in one of the quests, if I remember correctly.
I just love that feeling that I'm exploring a whole new world. (Cue Aladdin music.)
I get to see wooly mammoths, flying monkeys, walking alligators, mermen and maids, centaurs, cat people and minotaurs. Mythological Anubi lurk next to cute little bunnies. Giant butterflies flap past angry Nagas. Ghosts and demons and flame elementals share the land with snakes and cattle and bugs. Trees walk, rhinos talk, and mushrooms object to being eaten by stabbing you in the knee.
A very cool world indeed.

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