October 14, 2010


My incredibly trusting virtual-husband, Meditank, has gone on a much-needed vacation for a few days and has left me his toon to play with. Medi is a level 60/59 K/S with god knows how many HP and Pdef. I know you hardcore players out there care about those numbers so I will go look them up. One sec...44440 HP unbuffed and 40768 Pdef. There. Happy?  :)

He was kind enough to leave me some instructions on how to tank and how not to die and I have vowed not to let him down. So far, so good! I played pretty much all day today on Medi and didn't die and only killed, well, a few people in my party. Okay a lot of people. But it wasn't my fault!
You see, I tanked the Ant Queen as my first venture into being a Knight. I didn't mean to. I just noticed that Medi hadn't finished that quest yet and there was a shout-out for a raid, so I joined. Turns out there were only two tanks, and the other one insisted that I do it. Eek!
Lucky for me, Heka answered my cry for help and moral support and joined the raid to ensure I wouldn't end up face down getting teabagged. The fight itself was a blur. I came out alive, but according to Heka, the fight was FAIL. Oh well.

Next I tanked first boss of DoD with the guild a few times. Scary! I've seen Medi tank it a thousand times but in reality is was freaking nerve-wracking. He makes it look so easy... when I couldn't even get the party through the hallway to the boss room without one of them dying.
The worst part was that during the boss fight I couldn't see a thing! That is so not cool cuz that boss loves to jump on people's heads. But we survived so I guess that's considered a PASS. 

The rest of my day on my Rent-a-Tank was spent completing the bajillion quests that he hasn't done. Medi isn't fond of questing, while I love it, so I figured I'd help him out. I was actually waaaaay back in Varanas doing level 14 quests. Kinda funny.
Stayed up late to do the daily resets in NJF and tallied up an impressive total of XP for the day. Medi is now 21,089,891 out of 32,350,000 to level 60 on his scout side. That's like over 20 mill XP I made in one day. Woot!

And last but not least...I had to play a joke on Medi. I bought some Illusory Hair Chests for a few rubies and opened them up. Here are the before and after pix. An improvement? Or not? You decide!

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  1. lol, thats great! I hope you have a razor on hand to shave his head when he gets back :)
    Btw, you did great tanking DoD.