October 4, 2010

Siege Fail

So KoG has been doing really well in guild seige lately and our score has been creeping upward. We're proud of our increased teamwork and ability to kick butt, but we've been thinking for a while now that some night soon we'd be up against a guild that is far superior to us.
Well, a few nights ago we found them...Dawn Treaders!
It was quite apparent that we were out of league when they took all our towers in the first 10 minutes. Another good indication of our lack of ubernocity was the stunning one-shot kills we all experienced at the hands of their scouts, mages, knights, warriors, priests...well, you get the idea! Everyone in Dawn Treaders is worthy of worship. :)
So I personally decided to just head down to the fight and get my butt killed, and then lay there and chatted it up with our formidable foe.
And I got a fun surprise!
As I was laying there, all cool and corpse-like, a lovely toon named Elesis said to me, "Spiral, do you have a blog?" I laughed and said, "Yes." She said something like: "It's you! You're famous!"
Wow, if a toon could blush, I would have turned red from my nose to my toes! I thanked Elesis for reading my blog and chatted with her for a bit while her guild tore down our gate. In the screenshot, you can see me asking her if I can blog about her guild whooping our ass!

So this blog post is dedicated to the victorious, honourable and friendly Dawn Treaders...I salute you! May we meet again on the battlefield to enjoy another fine siege.

P.S. They also run a cool page on their website of the Top 50 Guilds in Siege. Very nice!


  1. z0mg you mentioned me! (it's me, Elesis!) xD I always wondered someday if we'd go up against you and I guess we finally did. I had more fun chatting than I did actually sieging that night, hehe. And when you got up again I didn't attack you, haha!
    Anyways I wanted to say that I have been reading your blog for a while now and I like it - it's the only RoM blog that I know of; I wish there were more! =( Keep writing 'cause I'll be reading. >:D

  2. Hmm, do you know of any Guild Siege blog? My guild just started siege (we had our third siege last night, lol) and have a lot to learn. :]

  3. Sorry, I don't know anyone who writes about siege. I think that most people don't want to give away their best secrets! The best way to learn is to play, and any teams that beat you...use their tactics against the next guy! Good luck.