October 11, 2010

Alpacas Are The Cutest!

Llama or Alpaca?
OMG they are selling permanent alpaca mounts this week!
And guess what? I have no diamonds. :(

Alpaca & Baby
But that's okay cuz I have Spazzy, the strangest, hyper-est, unique-est mount in the game. I couldn't give him up.

Although an alpaca mount is very, very tempting. Cuteness cubed! Freaking adorable. The past three years I have gone to the local alpaca show to see them and to buy uber-warm socks. Alpacas are adorable and useful.

I did notice that on one page is says that they are llamas and the other page it says alpacas. They two are related, but not the same. Llamas are much larger and uglier, IMO, and they are more agressive too. Alpacas have much softer fur and they are smaller, smarter and friendlier.

Actually taking a look at the pix of the mounts, they look more like llamas than alpacas. I'll convince myself that's true so that I don't feel so bummed out about not having a pet alpaca of my own!

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