October 12, 2010

Introducing a New Team

I got a llama!!
I didn't actually have any diamonds of my own, so I went and did some -- ok, a LOT -- of the free surveys that are offered by Peanut Labs to get enough free diamonds to buy him.

I bought the chocolate colored llama cuz I'm a girl and I love chocolate. Perhaps I will call him Vanilla, just to be silly.
He is a stealth llama, just like Waggles, Sister Agatha's donkey, so he makes no noise when running or rearing. He sniffs the ground for food and chews it. The pissed off expression on his face only adds to his ever-so-charming demeanor. Don't mess with this fuzzy beast...he's spit in your eye and call you estúpido.

Sitting on Vanilla is Blueblade, my newest alt. She is R/P 20/20. Kind of an interesting combo. Been rogue on Spiral for ages so I'm pretty used to that but learning to be a priest is difficult. Too used to popping pots...I keep forgetting about the spells. 
I'm thinking about installing an addon called Healbot that is supposed to be great for making sure no one dies. Right now I'm hesitating cuz it kinda feels like cheating to have a program do things for you, but maybe it's not that bad. And besides, I really don't enjoy getting people killed. Okay, maybe it's funny to see Medi take a dirt nap now and then, but only him.
(Kidding, my hubby. You wouldn't die so much if you stopped trying to save my crazy squishy mage ass!)

Anyway, I'm off to ride the ranges on my fearless furry friend. Ándale, Vanilla!

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  1. How are you enjoying that priest? Currently I have a 57/40 P/K, and I love my priest :] Can't say the same for my knight, I'm not much into melee.

    As for healbot, it has its uses. I'm pretty oldschool and do the old point-and-click heal, but the addon at least shows you the hots and buffs you put on a player. Helps with Wave Armor as well, so you know when to rebuff them. Also, it helps when you're healing the tank and notice a dps is taking some damage - it makes it very easy to Wave Armor + Regen them while never taking focus off the tank.