September 30, 2010

Many Things

Came online and accomplished a few neat new things in just a couple hours.

Participated in an interesting debate about the Dalanis events. All six of the events were working after the server reset last night. So a raid was formed to do them all, and when I got online there were 30 people in the queue. So someone started a new raid, even though a lot of people said it would break the events. Yes, the events did break....but how can that be blamed on a 2nd raid? I suggested that there should be one raid on each channel and no channel switching but that's was a no-go. Greed took over.

Infernal Nightmare Mount

After that, I killed the Hippo King with some new guildies. Was so excited about the fight, I forgot to take a screenshot! First time we tried, he spawned some crows and stuff and we all wiped. We tried again, did some weird pull thing until he turned "small" and then it was just basic tank-n-spank. He dropped 3 purples (nothing for me) and 190 guild runes. Pretty cool.

Finished the Sascillia Minigame and won some cool stuff. Got a 30-day Infernal Nightmare Mount. Also got a level 50 purple cloth recipe. Not quite at level 50 tailoring yet, level 45 I think, but getting there. Crafting is mind numbing but I think might be worth it if I can get to 50 and above.

Upgraded my gloves with some nice new yellow stats. Add that to my new staff, Root of Nightmares, and I'm getting pretty bad ass. I'm in the top 100 now for MAtt so that's cool.

Found this great new website, the Rom Database, thanks to a guildie. I'm using it now to research all sorts of stuff. Also installed the Playata client to help build the database. Kinda like the old thingamajig that went kapoof.

So lots of stuff done today already and many more hours of playtime ahead of me. See you in Taborea, friends! :)

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