June 14, 2010

This & That

Nothing much exciting going on in my RoM life these days.

Became co-leader of a newly formed guild called Anomalies.
Built a guild castle with the help of generous donations from my friend, D. Thank you thank you thank you!
Been spending the rest of my time gathering, processing, gathering, processing...booooooooring.
Did a guild siege with two players! Lost, of course, but I had fun sneaking around backstabbing the enemy.
Going to build an academy, forge, field, lumber yard and library before we start recruiting.

What else?
Gave one of my alts breast implants. Only cost 30 diamonds or about $0.60 real money. Good deal!
Sold a Magic Bloodthirst Necklace, dura 108, for 1.2 million gold. Sweet.
Been playing on a ton of alts, just messing around with new class combos. I think I could level a toon to 10 with my eyes closed now.
Spent 30 momentos on 2 pieces of an accessory set that will give me one of those new Item Set Skills when complete.
Toured the countryside looking for Lost Image 3 for the Expedition 60 contest. I knew where Images 1 and 2 were right away but #3 has got me stumped.

Hopefully something more mind-blowing will happen soon so I can write a more interesting blog post. :)

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