June 16, 2010

RoM Addicts

You know you're a RoM Addict when...

...you spend an hour upgrading your level 55 purple belt
...you name your firstborn child Taborea
...you love the rain because it means you have an excuse to ditch the yardwork and play RoM
...you try to talk to goats in the real world and are puzzled when they don't give you a quest
...your Christmas list is one item: RoM diamonds
...your toon has more friends that you do
...you call in sick to work because it's double XP time
...you know exactly how many seconds it takes to run to the nearest toilet and back
...you have a coffee maker ON your computer desk
...your RL friends' eyes glaze over when you chat incessantly about HotO and gear and sieging
...you dance around your computer room upon soloing your first world boss
...you get a bladder infection because your run through TT was waaaaaay too long
...your family is scared to approach you at siege time because they honestly think you may kill them
...you open your birthday presents and say, "Woot!"
...you chew your nails to bits during a 3-second lag spike
...you weep openly when your level 54 toon gets ganked by the Uncontrolled Demon Soldier
...you confront your boss by screaming, "RAWR!"
...you spend server maintenance downtime blogging about RoM!

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