June 9, 2010

I Am So Dumb!

Big thanks to Derrin/Awenspiration who took this screenshot of me at my most absent-minded.
If you click the picture, it will open up bigger so you can see the details. Check out what I'm selling a Harm V rune for! And look at the chat at the bottom where people are laughing at me too.  :)

Okay, so I'll tell what happened. I use an add-on called Advanced Auction House and it automatically puts in the average selling price of an item when you put it up for auction. I obviously adjusted the opening bid price correctly, but it looks like instead of deleting the buy-out price I just tacked on my price at the end!
Too freaking funny. I laughed so hard at this!

1 comment:

  1. LOl! The number was so "random" i just though it HAD to be intentional :) I actually did a double take and thought about making harm runes to sell for money.

    -Derrin/Awenspiration OSHA