June 9, 2010


Runes of Magic Jiasha HotO

Yesterday I got another chance to go into HotO (Heart of the Ocean). I've been in a couple times but have always died...more than once actually! Of course, this time was no exception but I was prepared for that and had taken a Big Angel's Sigh before entering the instance.
I think it's interesting that now that I have level 58 after my name, I am more easily accepted into parties. What I feel embarrassed to reveal is that I'm so inexperienced at all things "high-level". But seeing as how it was a group setting, and my competence level might cause the group to fail, I let them know that I wasn't sure about the bosses. Lucky for me, an old guildie was in the group and he was very understanding and made sure I was informed.
You see, there's a lot of tricks to HotO that you wouldn't know unless you had experience. And each person in the group has a job to do at each boss.
For instance, when fighting the Bloodthirsty Claw, you're supposed to stay behind him cuz he has a forward-facing AOE. And keep moving away from the jellyfish cuz they drain mana. And mages have to purg the adds. And who knows what else I missed!
The second boss, Teeth of the Reef, does some weird debuff that takes away your HP by a certain percentage, so everyone switches their gear to lower their HP. Strange but true. And once again, mages must purg the adds.
The third boss, Jiasha, I don't really know why and I was too timid to ask, but all the melee folks stand in a big clump of seaweed and fight there. And the healers and mages stand in a certain spot to the side and cast from there. Intense damage gets done and the healer has a huge job to do, but somehow this fight seems easier than the first two.
This time, my group decided to go past Jiasha, which I've never done, and head to Geba. Of course we wiped in a most awesome way! But it was tremendous fun.

For amazing videos of loads of RoM including boss fights and tips, visit the Realm Guardians channel on Youtube. Fantastic stuff!

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