June 22, 2010

Sister Goes for a Walkabout

Took ol' Sister Agatha out for a spin today. She's my Priest/Scout alt, around level 36 I think now. She's also a level 25 cook so I took her out in Dragonfang Ridge to gather some wood and herbs to make Creamy Seafood Pie and Deluxe Seafood.
One thing I can say, the old bird can swing an axe!

While following a trail of Moxa, I stumbled acoss this interesting zone. First there was a huge arch and some mysterious looking statues lining the path. The name on my screen was Ruins of the Great Gate.
I wandered in further and found more and more moxa and oak to gather. Sweet.

Next I came across this fine fellow contemplating a...basketball? Orange? Ancient Rubik's Cube?
Finally reached the Temple of Mysteries, or at least that's what the screen said. But it really was a mystery cuz there is no open door or portal or anything. Nothing to say what it's for. No mobs. No NPCs. It's not an instance, or perhaps just not YET an instance.

The Temple of Mysteries will remain a mystery then. But Sister and I will certainly be back to collect all that delicious moxa!

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