June 6, 2010

Standard Aggregator

Tonight I used a Standard Aggregator for the first time. I have something like 30 of the silly things. I think I got them as part of a package deal or prize or something. I didn't pay for them, that's for sure!
But seeing as how I just got some nice Jiasha's Leg Guards and I also had some Demon Lady Leggings kicking around from the Halloween events, I decided to mash them together.
I was nervous doing it cuz it was my first time and I didn't want to mess up and ruin a 2 million gold pair of pants. I was also worried that maybe once I pressed the aggregator to use it, I wouldn't be able to cancel. But they had a cancel button, a confirm button, and a really simple preview screen as well.
I forgot to take a screenshot of it, so I can't post a pic here. Whoops.
Anyway, it put all of the stats from the Jiasha's Leg Guards, including the dura and runes, onto the appearance of the Demon Lady Leggings. So now my character screen says that I'm wearing the Jiasha's, but it looks like I'm wearing a cute little purple mini-skirt. :)
I've got a ton of costumes stuffed in storage chests in my house. I keep getting them from events and such and I hang on to them cuz they're bound. But I guess with 30 aggregators, I could make myself a costume for every occasion!

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