June 8, 2010

Many Screenshots

I take tons of screenshots. Every time something cool happens or I see something interesting, I take a screenshot. Most times I plan on posting the screenshots here and blogging about them but then something new comes up and I move on and forget about them.
So this morning I decided to upload all my old screenshots to my page on WeGame for everyone's viewing pleasure.

I use WeGame to capture videos of RoM. It works okay, although I find that it causes quite a bit of lag for me. So most of my videos are actually fail.  Ha!
You can also use WeGame to take screenshots, but I just take them using the regular PrtScrn button and RoM saves them in my screenshots folder. I always have to modify them though, since they're usually huge files and also in bmp format, not JPEG. I don't use any fancy program, usually just Paint, although sometimes I use Serif Photoplus SE if I want to do layers.
So anyway, now that I've cleaned up my screenshots folder, it's time to go play and fill it up again with new stuff!


  1. Here's a ss for ya



    -Awenspiration/Derrin Osha

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  3. OMG!!! Oh my F'ing GAWD! I laughed so freaking hard at this! I'm such a dumbo! I have to post this to my blog as a separate post.
    Thank you so much for taking this screenshot, Derrin. This cracks me up!