June 24, 2010

Have You Seen This Man?

I was in the Administration District in Varanas, near NPC Berol, and I found this mysterious gentleman. When I talked to him, all he would say is:
"Hello, I am Feldman, Chief Craftsman of the Repair Department."

Who is he? What does he do? Where did he come from? Where does he go? (Cotton-eye Joe??)
I stared at him long and hard, I jumped up and down in front of him, I poked him with a dagger, I danced sexy, I kicked him, I rolled on the floor laughing...but still he only repeated the same statement to me over and over: "I am Feldman."

Who is Feldman????

Is he a spy? A nightclub owner? A government worker? A mentally challenged individual? Or all of the above?

Perhaps we will never know. But I will visit my mystery man every now and then just to see if the canary ever changes his tune and one days exclaims: "I am....????"

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