February 15, 2010

Multiple Personalities

I have eight characters on Osha. I've talked about Spiral of course and also a bit about Sister Agatha. I wanted to try playing a bunch of different class combinations so I made six other toons to see what it was like.

I have a Warrior/Priest (male), Scout/Mage, Knight/Warrior, Knight/Rogue (male), Druid/Mage and Warden/Warrior plus Spiral is Mage/Rogue and Sister is Priest/Scout.
I thought that perhaps I would find a combination that I would like to play more than Spiral, but so far I don’t feel that way. Mage/Rogue is a great combo and very fun to play. Playing Warriors, Wardens and Knights makes me nervous. Priests are difficult to solo and grouping all the time irritates me. Scouts are cool. I think my Scout/Mage is my second favorite toon to play.

I don’t think I’m all that much into the role-playing side of RoM. I don’t go around saying, “Hail and well met, gentle sir. How art thou on this fine summer’s eve?” That’s a little kooky, even for me.
But I do have certain personality traits in my head for each of my toons. I think it's perhaps a throw-back to my day of D&D when there was more to the game than just rolling dice.

Spiral is a good girl who got into the dark side of magic when she was a teenager. She broke free of it and now tries to be nice to everybody to ease her guilt.
Sister Agatha is a sweet nun who bakes cookies for friends and strangers alike. No frail old lady, she is battle-hardened and world-wise from her many years of travels around Taborea.
The Wr/P is the town idiot, strong yet stupid, violent yet remorseful. (He's also green, like the Hulk.)
The S/M is a slut who uses her long legs to get her way. Although she is extremely outgoing and flirtatious, she refuses to get emotionally involved and views all things with an eye on how it can benefit her.
The K/Wr is an angry young woman with a black past. She is not a nice person and barely tolerates her role as protector of pale weakling mages and priests.
The K/R is a wandering mercenary who is very good at his job. Bitter, stoic and scarred, he keeps to himself.
The D/M is a ditzy elf who just wants to dance and laugh and look pretty.
The Wd/Wr is very short, very insane elf who takes nothing seriously, including the possibility of death. Is she brave or crazy? Who can say?

Having different toons is a nice way to play not only a different class but also play in a different manner. I can be a bitch or a princess, a jerk or a saint. It suits my complex RL personality I think!

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