February 4, 2010

RoM is Down

I was super-excited to see the new patch this morning and went right away to Varanas Central to try out the Valentine's events (Flower Festival). I got some milk from a cow in Logar, grew some roses, and got a blessing from a fairy. Pretty cool so far but I am waiting to see what the prize boxes give out before I make my final judgement on this event. (I'm hoping for some pretty outfits, cuz I'm a girl.)
I didn't get a chance to finish more of the Valentine's quests becase they shut the servers down for "unexpected server mainteance". They've been off all day since then.
I went to the forums and read some of the silly posts people are putting up about the issues but it was more annoying than informative. I guess the main problem was the mages and priests were getting a dura loss when casting, which never happened before, so it ticked them off. The knights and warriors and saying, "Suck it up, sweetheart." The mages and priests are replying, "No heal for you, clinkety-clank!"

In a way I'm glad that there are passionate people out there who are willing to complain about new developments in the game in order to create a fair play system. On the other hand, I'm annoyed that I can't play!

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