February 2, 2010

The Most Hated Mob on RoM

Is there anyone who doesn’t loathe him?

That miserable stinky bear has heartlessly murdered thousands -- no, MILLIONS of innocent toons. No warning. Just walks up behind you and – Claw! Bam! Roar! – you have died.
It gives me great pleasure to kill Borrofar now that I am a level 53. I kill him pretty much anytime I am near the New Moon Forest or anytime someone does the standard zone shout-out: “Dammit, some big-azz bear just pwnd me from behind!” I race over and find the stoopid beast and fry him like bacon on a bonfire.

Borrofar, big bad bear, better beware!

1 comment:

  1. It's funny you put "most hated" because on an old post, I put "everyone's favorite".

    I think part of the reason everyone hates him, also is what makes him so unique and it that regard he is a favorite mob of the game:) But that's just my opinion:)

    I still go back once in awhile to just slay him. I've probably killed him over 100 times now.