February 17, 2010

The Most Important Day of the Year

Yes, today is my birthday!  Woot for me!
I've had a wonderful day except that I didn't get enough time on RoM cuz I was busy working and celebrating and opening presents and going out for dinner. :)

But my BF made me the cutest birthday card ever. He wrote the whole card using the acronyms I posted on this blog AND he put fake signatures on the card from Spazzy, Borrofar, my guild leader, one of my guildmates and my RoM friend, Gustavus!  Too funny!  What he said to me was: "And you think I don't listen when you talk about RoM!"

I'm a lucky girl. 


  1. Happy Birthday Spiral! And woohoo, I'm famous!

    Hey, I just found this and immediately thought of you and your blog. why not get paid for something you do well?


    Good luck!


  2. Gust, you are super-special...and I don't mean in a short-bus, licking the windows, wearing your socks over your pant legs kinda way. :)

    Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.