February 3, 2010

Leveled My Rogue Side

Spent an hour or two today getting Spiral's rogue side to level 52. Woot!
It didn't make that much of a difference overall since I didn't want to replace most of her gear. She has 5 out of 7 pieces of the Tempest Heights Hero set and it gives pretty decent bonuses. It's difficult to justify splitting it up, especially since I plussed most of the pieces. I think if I ever get the rogue side to level 53, I'll maybe switch her gear, and then again at level 55 of course.
I don't have the coat or boots from the set so I did get to put new ones on her. And a new off-hand sword too. You can tell I haven't upgraded the sword yet cuz it isn't sparkling like the dagger.
But really I only leveled the rogue side to give a bit of a boost to the mage side. The rogue passive abilities that transfer over are bonuses to dodge rate and attack speed.
(Shouldn't the plural of bonus be boni?  Ha ha!)
It was fun to play rogue again. She is so fast! Stabby, stabby, stabby! And I really like the poison trap too. And of course sneaking around invisible is totally wicked.
I haven't quite figured out how to do the Shadow Step correctly. Supposedly you can Shadow Step behind your opponent in the middle of the fight and stab them in the back. I must not be fast enough on the hot keys because by the time I'm behind them and ready to stab, they're already turned around.  :(
Well, it's back to my mage side anyway. Gonna do some NoM runs with the guildies and perhaps Malatina's as well today. Cheers!

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