February 22, 2010

New Stuff to Buy

I just logged on today after being away all weekend and being swamped with work today. I briefly went into the Item Shop to check out the new items.

I'm happy to see that Ancient Treasure Key is now being offered for 180 Phirius tokens. The keys are used for opening certain Treasure Chests. The chests are sometimes offered during special events, but you can also get some in The Spirit of Tempest Heights, a high level game that plays twice a day near Obsidian Fortress. I like the game when I can remember to play it and I've gotten some interesting stuff from those chests too when I could afford the keys. I'll write more about the game later, hopefully, if I remember. (Is there such a thing as a Potion of Remembering?)

I also noticed that Purified Fusion Stones are in the Phirius token shop. Have they always been there? I don't recall them being there before. They are 1,100 Phirius tokens.
Also some XP and TP potions have shown up in the store and I think some plussing stones too.

Most interesting is that there are now two types of wings that a player could potentially buy from the Item Shop without purchasing diamonds. Mighty Phoenix Wings can be bought for 2,500 rubies. Heavenly Black Wings can be bought for 5,999 Phirius tokens.
Quick calculation: it would take you two months of 10 dailies every day to get enough tokens for wings. Sigh. I suppose that means I'll be wingless forEVER.
I don't really care too much for the look of wings. A lot of them look like Rabid Pigeon Wings or maybe Bedraggled Wet Crow Wings. Then there's those crazy blue ones: they look like Fairy on Steroid Wings. But I do appreciate the fact that having wings means another slot to add stats to.
Also, I think that wings should plus your Dex automatically. Makes sense, doesn't it? But there I go again, trying to impose reality on a fantasy game!

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