July 13, 2010

I WON!!!

I actually won a siege all by myself! WOOT!!
By some crazy twist of luck, Anomalies got matched up with a guild that only had only one player for siege. I was all alone from my guild too but fortunately for me, the other guy was a lower level. He didn't really cause me much trouble.

All my frustrating attempts to win previous sieges when I was highly outnumbered had forced me to perfect my strategy for capturing crystal towers alone. I don't have enough HP to kill the guards, so I've developed a sneaky way to distract them while I occupy the tower...and tonight it actually worked! I captured all his crystal towers and then just let the timer run out. I know that it takes too freaking long to break through the castle gates so I didn't even try. Besides that, I know I'm not strong enough to take on that guardian thingy by their castle crystal.

Anyhoo, got 5 Glorious Victory Packages, which is fully awesome! Gonna dole out the XP orbs to some alts and level them up.

I was thinking about recruiting for Anomalies but now I may hold off some more. It's actually nice to be in a quiet guild, yet have the benefits of a library, gathering points, siege, etc.

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