July 14, 2010

Mousekin & Puppy

This is my alt, Mousekin, with her pet, Puppy. I don't remember what animal he actually is since once you change the name of your pet, it no longer tells you the type. I think he is the wolf that hangs out with the Cyclops. I get a lot of "nice pet!" comments on him.  :)

I finally got a Pet Event with Puppy. Mouse was touring around Sascilia finishing up some lower level quests and it came up on my screen: "Your pet wants to talk to you." I clicked on the little box that was up near my mini map and a window opened up with a question and multiple choice answers. The question was something about a dog stealing something from him. I answered, "What did he steal?" Then I received a gift egg! When I opened it, it contained Low-Fat Goat's Milk which is a pet food that gives nourishment of +20.

I found a thread on the forums that talks all about the various pet events and what the best answers are. Check it out here.

P.S. Lost siege last night to a mega-uber guild called Kabal. They captured all towers, broke down both castle gates and captured Anomalies' Honor Crystal in 19 minutes. Impressive!

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