July 19, 2010

1001 Baby Names....NOT

I was having trouble thinking of a name for a new pet when I came across this really cool website.
The Online Demon Dictionary
It is just stuffed full of totally wicked names! I might just end up naming all my toons and pets after demons from now on.
Before I discovered this helpful resource (hee hee), most of my toon names just sprung to mind when the toon was being created. Spiral's name is from the fact that when I doodle, it's almost always spirals. Not kittens or happy faces or flowers. Just spirals. Not sure what that means.
Of my alts, Sister Agatha's name just seemed appropriate for an elderly female priest who likes baking. Mousekin is named after a mouse in a children's book that I loved when I was small. I have an elf alt named Kestry but only because Kestra was taken. Kestrals are fierce and beautiful little falcons.

Naming a toon says a lot about your own personality. Well, obviously, I'm a bit MPD, but even then I would never name my toon Red Eyed Toker or Jennifer. Wait, correct that. I might name a toon Jennifer, but only if it was a ginormous male knight! I love to mess with people.

P.S. Was just re-reading this post and realized how funny the title "Online Demon Dictionary" is. It sounds like it's a dictionary of all the demons that are online. I wonder if they're on Twitter?  :)

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