July 6, 2010

Sudden Growth Spurt

I think Spiral has reached puberty because today she grew like 3 feet! 
Actually, I got a Fullness potion from my housekeeper and it made me get all super-sized. I also got a potion of Unbridled Unthusiasm which increased my movement speed by 15% and also one called Princely Look that turns me into a frog.
I'm glad they fixed the housekeepers. I've been trying to remember to chat with mine every day to bring up her Affinity score. Today was the first time I asked her to craft anything for me and I don't think it did anything to her Inventiveness score but maybe she has to do it a few times.
I've dressed up my poor housemaid in leftover costumes from Halloween and some of my old Tempest Heights gear. Isn't she lovely? I think I enjoy it too much that she looks like an idiot. I guess I'm some sort of sadistic boss or slave owner or something!  Ha ha!
But the fact that Frogster fixed the housekeepers is a good sign that they are listening to our complaints and taking actions. I hear a lot of negativity online and in the forums and I try not to let it get me down. I still enjoy playing RoM very much, even with the bugs, (o, siege, how I miss thee!), so I will keep my frustrations to myself and give the game guys time to work it out.

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