April 28, 2010

We Have a Winner!

I don't know if no one is entering the contests that I do, but I seem to win more than my share of cool prizes! Yesterday I won a free mount from GM Eres. She ran a screenshot contest on her Twitter page and I submitted the one of me overlooking the city of Dalanis and I got first place.
So then I was offered a choice of one of the three new mounts: donkey, broomstick or flying rune disk.
I already bought a donkey for Sister Agatha so that one was out. The broomsticks I think are kinda hokey...although I could see them being fun if you were determined to appear very witchy, rather than mage-y.
I chatted with my guildies for a bit and they all agreed that the Rune Disk was the coolest. So I decided on that. But then, I started thinking that I really love Spazzy and he's totally unique. What would I need a Flying Rune Disk for?
So I offered to give my free mount to one of guildies who had just finished building our totally new and awesome website. Too late! He already had one!
Well, I ended up sending the disk to one of my alts, a Knight/Rogue that I play every now and then. (Who shall remain nameless.) 
Have to admit, that is pretty cool. Now he's an angry surfer dude. Totally RAD!

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