April 14, 2010

Quests Everyone Hates

I saw a thread on the forums the other day about Quests We Love to Hate. It was quite a good-natured look at all the quests that really suck. (And we all have to do them.) It was funny to see the comments from some folks: "Oh, I had forgotten all about THAT one! I hated that one!"
Playing my new R/Wd on Reni I stumbled across a quest that I loathe. It's the one where you have to capture the Evil Balloon Monsters. So very annoying. And you have to catch so damn many of them. It makes my teeth hurt.
Evil Balloon Monster
So cute....NOT!
I also found Bump In The Night to be an unpleasant surprise. I think it's like a level 6 quest and that evil plant kicked my scrawny butt the first time I went in there. And then of course no one tells you that if you try to go back in the instance too quickly, those swarming plunderer guys are waiting at the door like puppies for a treat. That treat being your corpse!
Those two quests actually didn't make it on the forum posting. Perhaps all the posters were too high level to remember it. But other than that, I pretty much agreed that all the quests the forum guys posted stand out as frustrating, boring, or seemingly endless. Here are some of the winners in those categories:

Excellent Boar Meat. Ah, who doesn't have fond memories of slaughtering hundreds of innocent boars looking for three excellent boar meat? PETA would be ashamed.
Ent Root of Power or something like that. Once again, a rare drop that makes you want to drop-kick an evil developer. (kidding!)
Even worse than that, Elder Reindeer. A rare spawn in the frigid wastelands of Ystra, where men are men and Elders are elusive. Lucky for questers, people on the zone channel are quite helpful about where an elder has spawned. We band together in our misery.
At least Alfred has the decency to spawn frequently...if only he would not be so darn nervous around people. Someone give that bat some Valium.
And Blackie, poor lost Blackie, who somehow has a teleportation spell that whisks him from one hidden corner of Dust Devil Canyon to another. This is another quest that brings out the good in people as Blackie's coordinates come up frequently on zone shouts.

So all in all, while these quests cause much irritation towards the makers of RoM, they do also cause helpfulness amongst the players. Perhaps more difficult quests would make all of Taborea a friendlier place?
Hmmmm...probably not! I think they would have to invent the word "Quest Rage" to describe RoM players who repeatedly ram their mounts into the castle walls in frustration!

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