April 27, 2010

Interesting Developments

Two new messages scrolled across my RoM screen today. I'll paraphrase them here:
"Players buying gold from gold spammers will be permanently banned."
"All players will receive a TP reset on Thursday."

On the first announcement: it's nice to see that the Powers That Be are working hard to solve the problem and also that they're taking things seriously enough to threaten players. They probably can't do anything against the offending websites, but they can discourage people from buying the damn gold and therefore shut down the demand.
I imagine that there must be some sort of benefit for them if they get rid of spammers, probably money, but all I know is that as a player I find the constant bombardment of advertising extremely annoying. I'm not too sure what the spammers do to the RoM economy, but I imagine it's not good.
Today I wrote down one of the addreses of the gold spammers and went to their website to see what I could do to stop them from harassing us. I was seriously debating spamming their Help Desk inbox with scathingly witty comments such as: "You Suck!" :)

On the second announcement: This is a result of the recent nerfing of skills that dropped the max level from 55 to 50. I have been posting on the forums about this. The obvious problem with this nerf was that many high level players had spent TP to raise those skills to 55 and now they are back at 50. That TP was wasted!
So the reset seems to solve the problem. However, it is unclear if the reset is for all players or just level 50s and up.

I started a chat with my guildies about these things and it was interesting to see the variety of responses. Some were confused, some outraged, some blase.
I was most impressed with the level-headedness of one of guildies who assured me that the TP issue would be solved. He showed me how to check how much TP I had spent on my character. You just mouse over the TP available square at the bottom right of your skills page. It shows how much you've spent, which I take to mean that the total amount listed there will be available for redistribution on Thursday.

My next problem is...how do I redistribute! Man, I'm gonna hum and haw over that one, for sure. I'll probably sit for hours pondering my choices and calculating how best to distribute it all. What a lovely dilemma.

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