April 8, 2010

Trying Out Reni

I started a new character on the Reni server. I usually play on Osha but I thought I would go see what it's like over there.
Of course all the scenery is the same and the quests are the same and it's all pretty boring to me now that I've leveled at least 10 characters to 15 and above.
But it's strange seeing world chats that aren't the regular folks I know on Osha. You just get used to seeing the same names coming up all the time and the banter between them. There are a few toons on Osha that are quite vocal and therefore well known.
A few things I've notice on Reni...
1. People seem to be named rude things. I've seen a few toon names that were kinda offensive. I won't list them here. Maybe they don't have as strict GMs watching that server?
2. I saw a healer advertising his services for sale for instance runs. I don't know whether to applaud or critcize his sense of capitalism. I've never seen that on Osha. On Osha healers stand on Varanas bridge and offer free buffs.
3. There are just as many gold spammers here as on Osha. What do they pay those guys to do that?

Anyway, my toon's name is Pinkpepper on Reni if anyone is over there and wants to say hi!

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