April 1, 2010

This Is a Real Post Now, No Joke!

OMG, I did it! I found the wabbit!

I logged on tonight at 9:10 and the event leaders had already started the wabbit hunt. I raced over to Logar and ran through the first portal I saw. I actually came out behind Pioneers Village, not far away from my starting point. I jumped on Spazzy and raced into the nearby mine.
Turns out I ran RIGHT PAST the wabbit and only saw him when I came back out of the mine. I didn't realize that it was going to be an Event GM dressed like a rabbit so at first I was confused. But another guy was approaching fast so I leaped up on top of the shed where the purple wabbit was and said, "Hi."
Nothing happened.
My heart started freaking out! Did I miss it AGAIN? Not again???
But it just took a second and suddenly the screen said, "You have received Item Shop Celebration Egg III." Woot!!
The Event GM said, "Congrats." I literally jumped up and down with glee. I did it! I won!!
Sheesh, I'm so lame, aren't I? Silly little egg and dumb contest and I got so excited. But I finally won and that puts such a big goofy grin on my face. :)

Oh, what was in the egg, you ask?
10 Potion of Luck
10 Experience Potion
1 Advanced Experience Charm

Not a bad little Easter present! Thanks, Event GMs!!

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