May 1, 2010

We're All Real

I hooked up my Vent the other day. It was very strange, I must say. I did it cuz most of my guildies were using it, especially during seige. I felt left out! And of course it's very helpful to be able to communicate without typing.
But it was the oddest feeling to hear real voices attached to characters. I guess I kinda got some preconception about people cuz of their toon and to hear a voice that's so incongruous is a bit startling.
I don't remember which of my guildies read my blog, so I hope I don't offend anyone but saying this...but I was kinda amused at how American most of them sounded! It's cute. I mean my guild leader has kinda got a southern accent. She says Hoto like Hoe-Toe whereas I say it more like Hoe-Doe.
It really made me think about Canadian accents. You can tell a tourist cuz they pronounce Toronto like Tor-on-toe. We pronounced it Tor-on-noe. Or even To-rawnna. No hard T at all. It's interesting to notice your own accent.
And one of my favorite guildies had a surprisingly mature and easy-going voice. Like so chill, you know? It was so different from his in-game persona. In game I feel like he's a bit nuts and hyper.
And then there's the girls that are actually guys. So startling! I'm like, "Who is that?" I'm in the game looking at a female mage with pretty blonde hair and I'm listening to some dude saying, "Let's take this gate!" Surreal.
I'm not sure if I'll ever hook up my microphone to vent. I have one and I think I could figure it out but I kinda feel shy about people hearing the "real" me. I know at first our old guild leader thought I was a guy. That was one of my earliest posts here on the blog. I wonder how many others think that? But if they heard my real voice, would it change what they think of me? I guess I haven't really changed my opinions about my guildies now that I've heard them so I shouldn't fret about that.
Still, I think I want to keep a little bit of my real self to myself. For now.

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  1. Spiral,

    Read this and it really struck a cord with me as I had a similar experience a few months ago. Putting a voice to the toons for me was .. well.. slightly disturbing but I eventually adjusted to it (and lets face it, it made a few of the "shy" seeming people a lot more animated in my mind when I realized they were using vent 90% of the time).

    Much like you I started "listening" to Vent and it was several weeks before I broke down and bought a mic ... and I think I was happy for it once I did it. ;)

    It's been fun to read you blog, keep up the interesting posts.