May 20, 2010

Evil Dragon Robe

Went through Kalin's the other day. Not a bad run. Only died once! On the last boss, a purple robe dropped. Everyone passed on it and I ended up having it fall into my backpack. Sweet! 
I hummed and ha'd over it for a while. It was only level 50 but it was purple. I was currently wearing a level 55 blue. I examined the stats and did some figuring and decided that the loss in Physical Defense would be made up by the addition of bonus HP stats and possibly a set bonus.
Besides that, it's really pretty...although I'm sure that won't save my butt in a fight! ("Excuse me, Mr. Zuhridon Investigator. Don't you think my gown is to DIE for?")
So I plussed it up to +7 (the highest I've ever gone!) and Tiered it to 4 with some nice stats. Spent quite a few of my horded jewels, puris and charges on it but it turned out okay. Lost a bit of mana since the other robe had more Int & Wis on it but gained quite a bit of HP. I'm almost at 10k now...woot!
Went to the AH and took a look at some of the other pieces in the set that are for sale. They average around 1.5 million or more. The pieces on the AH weren't all that great -- low dura, dirty -- so I'm either going to wait for better pieces to go on sale or just keep running Kalin's and hope for more drops.
I'm sure I'll get something better than this eventually but it's a start. It's hard to find purples and I need to be better geared to even go to the instances to have a chance to get the good purples, so this robe is my stepping stone. Like my ballroom gown for the state-wide beauty pageant...but not the one I'm gonna wear to Ms. America!


  1. Awwwww, you cudda said something about ALL THREE MAGES TAKING A DIRT NAP during the final boss fight, leaving the tank (Lagmonster) and 2 healers (me and Tae) to run around freakin out, thinking that we're gonna die at just any second, only to have 2 mage items drop. Gah, MAGE gear. Still and all, it was a fun fight, even if the finger-wigglers whimped out. Oh, and my dear, sweet wife, who had dropped from the group to get me in for my heals, saw what the drop was, and started with the sailor talk. Dam mages. She ALREADY nukes for somthing like 8 times what I can. AND whines about being underpowered. Anyway, grats on your new purple shirt. Wear it in good health. Love hunting with you. I'm at 54 spammer kills by the way.

  2. Tell your sailor-mouthed wife I'm sorry! She was very nice to drop out so you could heal poor ol' Lag.
    It was an epic fight, that's for sure!