May 17, 2010

Talomo Sneak Run

Finally got in on a sneak run to Talomo in Treasure Trove tonight. I think the group was just contacting every rogue that was online, and I was actually afk when they asked me, but I came back to the game just in time to join the group.

One of the other rogues was super nice and helped me sneak through the INSANITY of mobs to get to the spot where Talamo shows up. I could not believe how many bad guys there were in there. It was nuts. Not only regular mobs with set walking patterns, but also roaming bats and invisible assassins to boot! My heart was beating like a rabbit's.

I actually did die once on the way there. A bat came around a corner and flew right on top of me and I didn't hit Vanish in time to escape. The other group members said it's better to go slower and be careful than to die again, not just because of the time issue but also because of death debt and dura loss.
They also told me to take off my good gear while I snuck so that if I did die, I wouldn't get dura loss on it. Smart.

But we hit a snag when we reached the Talamo spot...our Rogue/Priest was afk! Can't fight a boss without a healer and R/Ps are very hard to find. Not a very common class combo. So we waited and waited...
After about 20 minutes, we found a little level 51 R/P to help us. But she had never been in TT before. (I felt for her!) When she died sneaking in and decided to quit the group, we understood.

It was getting closer and closer to seige time and things were not looking good for us. We all shouted out to our guilds, LFG channel, alliances, everyone...and finally a super awesome lvl 57 R/P came on board and snuck as fast as he could to get to us. He arrived 10 minutes before seige started and we began the EPIC battle!

It took 3 minutes.

They were so geared and so powerful, they took him down like he was made of butter. I don't think I helped in the least little bit. I was just trying to stay alive from the random jabs Talomo was tossing my way...for 2500 HP! But we were successful and that's all that matters. Didn't get any rewards really, no "Memory", no good gear, but I did complete one quest and also gained some valuable knowledge.
And now I don't have to say I'm a TT virgin anymore!


  1. Hey Spiral. Nice blog. Just to make a comment, I'd like to see a race based on Yorkshire Terriers. That'd be insane. Well, Yorkies are pretty much insane as it is. I got bored with the downtime, and spent close to an hour trying to teach our 3 month old granddaughter to say "kill the spammers." Zaala was amused. Daughter-in-law, not so much. She was, "how am I going to explain THAT to my mother?"

  2. Poppie, you nutbar! You always make me smile.
    Can't wait to be back online with you and the guild, kicking ass in siege!