May 13, 2010



So this is a pair of centaurs in Thunderhoof Hills. They were just hanging outside a little village, standing near a fire. I can't help but make up stories about them! It's some weird quirk of mine that I want to invent backgrounds for NPCs.
All I know is that their names are Rob and Janine and they've been married for 5 years but now they are having troubles cuz Rob won't stop glancing over at Andrea's glossy tail and Janine feels insecure about her hindquarters since she dropped their first colt, Brian, 2 years ago.
But seriously, wouldn't it be cool to have a centaur toon? Wouldn't need a mount. Could have kicking attacks called something like Lightning Hooves or Shatter Kick. Maybe even be allowed to let another toon ride you. That would be wicked sweet.


  1. I think anyone who likes to make up stories about 2 random NPCs is someone who has a terrific imagination and probably enjoys MMORPGs a LOT :)

    Did you know that a popular video game novel author by the name of Michael T. Bhatty (writer of some Farcry novels) wrote a Runes of Magic book called "Runes of Magic Vol. 1: Shareena" it stars a female character with a pet albino ferret(and if you buy the book, you get a in-game code for the ferret pet. Unfortunately, the book is currently only in German.

    I love story, imagination, reading, and writing. I love how RoM is developing more story. But, I also really want that book to be in English! :)

  2. I would totally love to have that book too!