May 11, 2010

Finally Finished It!

It's finally done!
I've written a Guide to Using the Arcane Transmutor. It took ages to finish and it was way harder to do than I thought. I mean to me using the AT is easy now. But to try to explain it from scratch was difficult. I thought it would take me a day or two to write it, and it actually took me weeks to get it right! I've hosted it on an external website so that I could put in a lot of screenshots. That way it's easier to follow along with the guide while you're transmuting in-game.
Hopefully someone finds it helpful. I've posted it up on the ROM forums in a few links to try to get the word out. I know there are a lot of other guides out there but it seemed to me that most of them were incomplete or confusing, like not very linear. I tried my best to make it easy to work your way through the process to get to the ultimate goal, creating great gear!
I'm glad it's done. I've been fussing over it for a while now and I feel a great sense of accomplishment now that it's done and published and basically out of my hands. (Except if folks find mistakes...heaven forbid!)


  1. Nice guide! Some thoughts:

    It's got tiering and statting mentioned in such a way that is not confusing and works very well. The screenshots are a huge plus. I'll be linking this around to my friends instead of typing mountains of party chat text like before :)

    Note at the begining in the basics section: Both the picture and this sentence seem to imply you start off with 90 charges.

    "At the top you can see I have 90 charges."

    That might through a newbie for a loop when they see they only get 10 to start off. Just thought I'd mention that. Otherwise the guide looks great!

    -IGN: Derrin/OSHA

  2. Thanks for your helpful feedback, Derrin. I appreciate it. I've changed the wording about the charges to explain it better.

    Any other constructive criticism is welcomed!

  3. Yup that part is clear now! Thanks.

    Two other things I didn't see in your guide:

    1) Creating combination runes like when you put only two runes in the AT and get a new rune.

    2) Maybe you could including how yellow and orange stats affect things and are statted to get 12 stats (really 6 pairs)?

    -IGN: Derrin/OSHA

  4. Chapter 3 is about Rune Transmutation...I show how to make a Strike III and a Payback III and I also put in the link from romwiki, an absolutely fantastic website!

    As for yellow and orange, that's a bit too advanced for me. Sadly, I don't have any yellow or orange! Perhaps when I get some myself, I will update the guide.